History and Mission:

American Digger® was founded in 2004 by those who love the hobby, and is published by Greybird Publishing LLC, in Acworth, GA. It includes articles covering finds made through metal detecting, surface hunting, diving, and sifting. It also contains photo-illustrated stories on old coins, Civil War and Revolutionary War relics, stone artifacts, fossils, and bottles.

It was founded in response to reader requests for more material related to amateur archaeology. Publisher Butch Holcombe wants to help bridge the gap between professional archaeologists and amateur historians, so through his magazine, he promotes only the responsible excavation and documentation of artifacts.

Our premier issue was dated January-February, 2005, and contained 52 black-and-white pages, with a circulation of just 500. This has now grown to 74 pages, much of it in color, with a current print circulation exceeding 2,000 in all 50 states, Canada, Jordan and Australia. Subscriptions are also sent free to U.S. aircraft carriers on tour. In 2011, the name American Digger was licensed as a registered trademark.

Our magazine is published bi-monthly in the United States. We exist to promote, celebrate and document the responsible excavation, preservation and collecting of all artifacts related to history.

We strongly oppose illegal recovery and wanton destruction of artifacts. Please dig responsibly—our hobby depends on it!

In 2010, American Digger magazine took over a weekly internet radio show, Relic Roundup, previously owned and operated by My History Project, a nonprofit group in Atlanta, GA. The name was changed to American Digger’s Relic Roundup at that time. The show averages several hundred to more than a thousand listeners weekly, and is an extension of the magazine’s focus on amateur archaeology and collecting.

In 2012, a digital version of the print magazine was offered for the first time, resulting in increased worldwide interest. Our magazine now boasts a readership of more than 20,000 on both PC and Macintosh computer platforms, and most recently, on Kindle.

Content Policy

American Digger Magazine is proud to offer a publication governed by high editorial and production standards. We thoroughly fact-check, edit and proofread all material presented for publication. Any errors that may slip through are inadvertent.

Reader submissions are encouraged. Please refer to and follow our Writers’ Guidelines.

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