Magazine Samplers

If you’re considering a subscription to American Digger® but would like to sample the product first, you’ve come to the right place! Just click below to be taken to any of several digital samplers we’ve put together, containing the most popular of past years’ issues, free of charge.

2016 Sampler

  • American Digger Magazine 2016 SamplerThe Laramie Creek Portage Site
  • The 2015 Gold Diaries – Part II
  • Meeting Pvt. Pearl
  • American Digger On The Road – New Hampshire
  • Getting Deep With The Diggers
  • The Digs That Started It All
  • …and all our regular departments!

2015 Sampler2015 American Digger Magazine Sampler

  • Civil War Relics of Culpeper County
  • A Pennsylvania Trash Pit
  • An American Digger Finds An English Treasure
  • Coins of the Commonwealth
  • Seems Like Old Times
  • Classical Glass
  • …and all our regular departments!

2014 Sampler2014 American Digger Magazine Sampler

  • Hard-Won Relics of the West
  • DIV XXIV: Picture Perfect
  • Sherds of Blue and Green
  • Hijacking the Swastika
  • Dickey Wolf and the Cannonball
  • Know Where To Go
  • Return to Pea Ridge
  • Mastobaby!
  • Pvt. Magliocchetti’s Mess Tin
  • Live Action: Hunting With Turtleman
  • …plus all our regular departments!

2013 Sampler2013 American Digger Magazine Sampler

  • The King and I
  • Crockomania!
  • The Relic Volcano of Port Hudson
  • Students of History
  • American Digger® on the Road: Washington State
  • Overtime!
  • DIV XXIII: Tales From the Diggin’ Side
  • Newbie on the Lynx
  • Turn To Stone
  • …and all our regular departments!

2012-sampler-cover2012 Sampler

  • A River of Silver
  • Digarelicitis at DIV
  • American Digger® On The Road: Nevada
  • Archaeology at an American Iconic Site
  • The Politicalithic Period
  • The Gold Diaries
  • What I Did On My Summer Vacation
  • Estimating the Age of Antique Bottles
  • Meteorite Man: Interview with Geoff Notkin
  • The Queen of the Caribbees
  • …plus all our regular departments!

2011 Sampler2011 American Digger Magazine Sampler

  • Thank My Lucky Stars!
  • DIV XVII and Me
  • Saving The Best For Last
  • Documenting History
  • Sharing The Wealth
  • The New Jersey Death Dig
  • American Digger® on the Road: California
  • Chasing The Treasures Of Northeast Florida
  • Just A Small Spark
  • The Wreck of the H.M.S. Oregon
  • …and all our regular departments!

2010 Sampler2010 American Digger Magazine Sampler

  • They Came From Outer Space
  • On The Slopes
  • A Mile In His Shoes
  • The Texas Turtle
  • Go Clean Your Rooms
  • Footprints of the French
  • An American Digger In England
  • Bottles, Jugs and Bugs
  • Back to Back
  • American Digger® on the Road: Connecticut
  • …plus all our regular departments!