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American Digger March-April 2018

American Digger March-April 2018

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Writers’ Guidelines

Writers’ Guidelines
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American Digger is Your Magazine!

Dedicated to those who preserve our past through responsible metal detecting, digging and collecting. In each issue, you'll find articles covering all types and periods of history being discovered:

• military   • civilian   • ancient   • natural

We take our digging seriously, but we also have fun doing it. We invite you to join us, enjoying six info-packed issues a year, for only $36.95 for an annual subscription.

In American Digger Magazine, you’ll enjoy recent finds shared by our readers, including recovered artifacts such as:

  • coins from many eras and countries
  • antique buttons and buckles
  • antique and modern jewelry
  • American Revolutionary, Indian and Civil War related relics and artifacts
  • WWI and WWII relics
  • bullets, cannonballs, guns and artillery
  • a variety of military insignia and equipment
  • Native American arrowheads and other points
  • old pottery and bottles
  • fossils and meteorites

…to list just a few examples.

Other regular features include:

  • Stories – exciting and informative articles on metal detecting, bottle hunting, arrowhead and fossil searching, and other collecting adventures
  • Product Reviews – of equipment, accessories and resources related to the hobby
  • How-To Tips – on everything from maintaining your metal detecting equipment and how to use it, to where to search, and how to identify and restore your finds
  • Relic Preservation – Techniques to optimize display while conserving physical integrity and historic value
  • Interviews – with those who rescue and collect the past, including celebrities
  • Articles From Our Readers – Relic hunting enthusiasts can become aspiring American Digger authors by submitting their stories for publication consideration
  • And so much more!
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South Carolina Low Country Civil War Show and Sale 
January 6-7, 2018
Omar Shrine Temple
176 Patriots Point Rd.
Mt Pleasant, SC 29464